Jayne Farleigh

I have always been an patient observer, as a child I would spend hours in our suburban garden watching wildlife.

Drawing was encouraged by both parents. I was then inspired by my mums poetry and illustrations, and my fathers skills as a model engineer.

As young as eight I can remember a fascination with shadows. I would look at my shadow on the pavements in Harrow. I can still see my pig tails swinging as I skipped along. My mum or my sisters hand holding mine.

My journey with my painting began at GCSE and A level I then used my artistic skills in window dressing for some 13 years before returning to paint when my first child was born in 2008. Since then I have been attending local art groups and workshops here in Devon where I have found inspiration and friendship.

Motivated by this and also by getting out sketching, back in my own studio, I have developed my skills with acrylics and mixed media to the point that I started to teach others in 2017. Sharing what I have learned is rewarding and equally inspiring beyond words.

Today I am exploring strong light, reflections and cast shadows in my paintings. My subjects vary, but I am most interested in street life in urban areas. I am fascinated by the relationship between the shadows of people buildings and other objects.  How the shadows intersect from these and connect people to a place, object/s and a moment in time. How the light from the sun or electric sources bounces, reflects, splatters and is caught in the scene before me.

In these paintings sometimes consciously, but also subconsciously I choose scenes where there is symbolic meaning. I am attracted to shadows that form crosses and also to religious buildings. I had a Christian upbringing. I consider myself at this point in my life spiritual person but I don’t practise any religion. I have a strong feeling that we are guided in life, and I look for signs of this and record them in my paintings. These could be doors opening, shadows that form what looks like ladders on the ground. These shadows might lead the eye to another area of the painting. Or help a character progress from one area of the picture to an entirely different place. As a busy mother I am conscious of how short life is, and often my work will contain images of clocks and time. I am interested in the moment captured in time forever. In fate, the circle of life and the wheel of fortune.

Currently I sell my work through local galleries and internationally online.
In 2019 I feel fortunate that I was selected to show some of my work with the Society Of Women Artists at the Mall Galleries in London in September.