Jayne Farleigh

I have always been an patient observer, as a child I would spend hours in our suburban garden watching wildlife.

Drawing was encouraged by both parents. I was then inspired by my mums poetry and illustrations, and my fathers skills as a model engineer

My journey with my painting began at GCSE and A level I then used my artistic skills in window dressing for some 13 years before returning to paint when my first child was born in 2008.

At this point I started to study with an incredible local artist called Daniel Stone RCA MA.

He continued to guide and inspire me for a decade and is still a friend and a mentor to this day.

I now paint En plein air as much as possible, sketching and studying the landscape first hand helps to inspire my work back in my own studio.

I have developed my skills with acrylics and mixed media to the point that I started to teach others in 2017. Sharing what I have learned is rewarding and equally inspiring beyond words.

In 2019 and 2020 my work was selected for exhibitions in London with the Society of Women Artists and The Discerning Eye.